Examples of My Early Work

I started writing stories when I was very young. The earliest story I actually recall was an X-Files fanfiction in the third grade as a school assignment. I don't remember what grade it received, or even what the requirements of the assignment were, but I recall I tried to conceal the fact it was fanfiction … Continue reading Examples of My Early Work

An Avoidable Rookie Mistake: Poor Pacing

One of the most difficult things to pin down as a writer, especially a NEW writer, is the pacing of your story. Pacing is the speed and rhythm of a story, the speed with which events take place, and the balance between each part of the story. Does the story start with a hook? Is … Continue reading An Avoidable Rookie Mistake: Poor Pacing

First Read of 2018: Caleb Carr’s The Alienist (Writer’s Review)

This review is written from the perspective of a writer rather than a reader. For a reader's review, check out my Goodreads. I selected The Alienist as my first read because I heard it was being developed as a TV series on TNT and the headliners are actors I love: Luke Evans, Daniel Bruehl, and Dakota … Continue reading First Read of 2018: Caleb Carr’s The Alienist (Writer’s Review)

Assassin’s Accomplice, first draft celebration

Last night, I completed the first draft of the second Accomplice novelette, Assassin's Accomplice! At several points writing this story was like pulling teeth, because it is a counter-pov parallel story. This means the first book, Assassin's Arrangement, was written from one point of view, and the second book covers the same overarching plot from … Continue reading Assassin’s Accomplice, first draft celebration