Tweet, Tweet

I’m doing a little trick on Twitter today. I’ve seen other writers do something similar and decided that that band-wagon looked fun.

In my post from 03/17, I posted an excerpt:

                Thatch was lost in the desert. Well, not exactly lost. He could point out his general location on a map. He knew where he was. He knew where his car was. He also knew what was wrong with the car, and why it had stopped running. Thatch was stranded. And he didn’t like it.

Or something similar, since this is the polished version. I had come up with that in the middle of the night and typed it out, just like this, in my memo app.

I was intending to use it as a kick-starter for typing out an undrafted scene into MS Word. I only had a short amount of time, but I ended up with a pretty-darn-good page, which I took home and built on.

Now, it will not be too much of a spoiler to say that this narrative is part of the back-story for my antagonist, who went by the name “Thatch” as a child (he does not as an adult). However, there’s a significant amount of material in the narrative that I don’t want out yet, otherwise I would have posted it here. HOWEVER (again), I’m very proud of this narrative, and I think it’s some of my best writing, so I want to share it.

Piece-meal, I am posting snippets from the narrative, like glimpses into a killer’s painful past, pieces of a puzzle.

My Twitter handle is @JettimusMaximus, in case you’re not here from Twitter already.



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