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Recently, I have heard about Wattpad a few times in a favorable light, from both writers and agents. I had signed up for it on a whim several months ago, but never touched it. This morning, I decided to publish my current draft – including the revisions I’m currently making – on Wattpad. I’m hoping this will do two things: 1.) Help me get feed-back. 2.) Help me build a platform.

I had already decided to self-publish, even though I haven’t entirely given up on the lit agents I queried. I’m getting a lot of “This has potential, but I’m not the right fit for it” messages, and I’m pretty sure it’s due to the brutal content. My only desire, really, is to get it into the hands of the people who want it (as Kellen poignantly puts it, “People like us.”), so as long as it is available somewhere, I will be happy. I would be even happier if someone comments, “Oh, my God, I’ve been looking for a book like this, but I couldn’t find any! So glad I found yours!”

So, if you’re on Wattpad, or if you’ve been curious about, or you are curious about Colossus (please, be curious about Colossus!), the first chapter is up under Mystery/Thriller. To keep things consistent, I used my Twitter handle JettimusMaximus as my username. I promise, there are not any glaring or irritating typos, lapses in proper grammar (except in dialogue). I did include a trigger warning, to see how that works out. I don’t want to get any comments like “OMG I don’t usually read shit like this, how could you do this to me?” because they didn’t read the book description. I imagine that would be far more effective on a platform like Kindle, since I don’t think publications are rated on Wattpad.

I’m not sure what my publication schedule will look like. Perhaps a chapter a week? Two chapters a week? That may depend on readership. So far, it says I’ve only had four views, and I’m darn sure two of them were me. Let me know what you think. In addition to that, post your opinions – honest, brutal, constructive. I also LOVE to receive and answer questions (underline that three times).

Clickety Click:

COLOSSUS is the first novel in a trilogy entitled MY NAME IS NOT HEATHER STOKES. Colossus introduces the quick-witted and selfless Heather Stokes, and narrates the abduction and exploitation of Heather and three of her high-school classmates by the perverse yet enthralling Avery Rhodes. In fewer than 48 hours, the lives of Z, Witt, Monica, and Heather are shattered when they find themselves locked in closets and used as entertainment for Rhodes’s month-long “sabbatical.” The genius, the bully, the queen, and the martyr must navigate Rhodes’s appetites and temper in their own unique ways: submission, indulgence, subversion, and aggression.

P. S. Something else that is really cool about Wattpad is that you can select a “cast” for your novel. That feature made me drool, since I have done that! Yet, at the same time, I’m reluctant to do so. I don’t want to lock my readers in if they prefer, say, Dominic West over James Purefoy as Avery Rhodes. They are both awesome, and would both do the job beautifully. So, opinions concerning THAT matter would help as well.


3 thoughts on “Publication on Wattpad

  1. Good luck exploring Wattpad! I just followed you on there to support you. I’ve read that uploading a few different scenes, and shorter scenes (rather than whole chapters) can help build readership. I’m still experimenting myself with it, so I’m going off what others on Wattpad have advised. Hope it helps and will catch you on Wattpad!

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