Camp, Week 1

We’ve been engaged in Camp NaNoWriMo for five days, and although I’ve gotten a bit written, it’s nowhere near my daily word-count goal, and I’ve been feeling listless. The most likely reason? I left two projects unfinished when I dove in. I still had a few scenes left unwritten in Two Guns, which was my April Camp project, and I’m not finished revising Colossus.

The revisions are not too stressful. I will have to continue revising so that I don’t post unrevised material to Wattpad (I post a chapter every Tuesday and Thursday). It may actually help me structure time for completing it without stressing about getting it done. I can revise the sections on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, post them, then write afterward.

However, not finishing Two Guns is eating me. I can write the third book easily enough without finishing the second, since I’m not going to be changing anything in that narrative, but it is still a job undone. I have it all in my head, like a movie, just not down on paper. Scenes will pop into my head and distract me. The obvious solution, of course, is to finish Two Guns before attempting to dig my heels into book 3.  Depending on work this upcoming week, I might even be able to tackle them both. After all, there are only about five scenes. They are vitally important scenes, but still relatively short.

Or maybe I could wrap up this post, and get started now.

Yes, I think I will do that.


One thought on “Camp, Week 1

  1. I know how you feel! I have so many unfinished projects hanging over my head, and they are definitely weighing on me this month. But I am trying to look at this month as ‘any progress is progress,’ and really focus on the writing every day aspect of it rather than the end product. ❤ Best of luck this month!

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