I love it when a plan comes together

In a previous post, I discussed Nan Monroe‘s least favorite [anti-feminist] tropes, and vented how I had fallen into one unintentionally. Just like converting a book into a movie often fails to convey so much, converting imagination into book is often a similar failure. I realized after reading her posts that I ended up falling into the trope in which there is one strong female character, and all the other female characters are weak in comparison (or inconsequential, like the cheer-leaders and Mrs. Shatterthwaith).

I started resolving this by strengthening the two seconds in which Mrs. Shatterthwaith makes an appearance. It was far more successful than I thought. The cheerleaders remain weak characters intentionally, because Monica needs to stand out among them.

I never intended for Monica to come across as shallow, but it seemed glaring. Now that I have actually re-read more, I think I might have made a mountain out of a mole-hill. Despite that, I went about to make Monica a stronger character, or, at least, less of a weak, spoiled brat (Note, however, she is supposed to be spoiled and naive). I wanted to add a scene later in the book, nearer to the end, but they all came out wrong (they were fascinating and insightful, but still wrong).

Inspiration struck me when I was least expecting it, thinking about the injuries incurred during the climax (don’t worry, no spoilers!), and it struck me like lightning! I knew how to save Monica’s character and kill the trope! It also adds a different quality to Heather’s character, which will round out the third book a bit more (on which I have made very little progress, btw).

So! Lo! O! Hwaet! I fixed the problem, and I’m very excited. I should probably get to re-writing that scene so that I can implement this minor change with a major impact!


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