Meet My Favorite Character: Wren Chares

I have never hidden the fact that I steal my characters relentlessly, in an almost-Shakespearean fashion (I say that, but it’s more like Chaucer from A Knight’s Tale). My favorite character is no exception. This fellow happened by accident: My antagonist needed a backstory, and somewhere in that backstory, he needed a father. So, Wren Chares was born:

Thatch’s first memory of his father is a painful one.

Wren Chares had emigrated from Greece just after the war, when he was a young man. If one listened carefully, one could hear it in the way he said certain words. Thatch didn’t know this when he first met his father. He was shocked to find a short, lean, bespectacled man in a suit, with his black hair slicked-back with pomade. His suit had once been new and stylish, but now it was faded and darned in several places. He thought that his dark complexion was from Native American blood, which was common in the region.

Wren and Thatch were not even introduced. Child Services handed Wren a pen and a clipboard, and with a couple of signatures, Thatch had a father.

This is where my ruthless stealing comes in. Wren Chares is modeled after James Callis, who played Gaius Baltar in Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Grant in Eureka. He is not much like either of them in temperament, but very much like them physically and in syntax – which I suspect has more to do with Callis than the characters.

Why is Wren my favorite character? Well, you’re going to have to read Phoenix Rising for that…


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