The 777 Challenge

Amanda Butler challenged me to the 777 challenge. The challenge is to post seven lines found on the seventh page of your work in progress, and tag seven writers. Whereas she is reluctant to share WIPs, I am more prone to over-sharing. So in that spirit, I will share seven lines from BOTH my WIPs, Colossus and Phoenix Rising. (Note: In my Word .doc, these are both seven lines. Trust me.)


Without discussion, each boy took a twin over a shoulder and carried them in opposite directions.

“Witt!” one shrieked from the redhead’s shoulder. “Get your filthy hands off me!”

“Seriously?” He was unruffled, carrying her toward the back door. “Two weeks ‘til graduation, and you wanna get suspended? You want Dr. Magee to cancel the senior picnic?”

Her high-pitched reply was unintelligible. He kicked the door open, tossed the girl out, and jerked the door shut again. She slammed her fists against the window, flinging a muffled slew of profanity. She would not be able to open the door from the outside for another half-hour.

Phoenix Rising:

One arm dangling off the edge of the bed. Slowly, painfully, he curled and uncurled his fingers. The third finger refused to move, sending searing pain into his knuckle. He attempted to move his other arm from its place above his head, but it was numb. He dragged it down to his side, and sensation returned with fiery pins and needles. When he attempted to move his legs, a tearing sensation shot between his legs and up his back, making him cry out.

Thatch gave up on attempting to move. He began to cry, even though the heaving sobs wracked him with pain.

I will tag the magnificent 7 on Twitter.


6 thoughts on “The 777 Challenge


    “Paul when you fail to do your job,and Mickey can’t get the point across… I have to do things that I can’t get off my conscience”.
    After a brief silence Paul responds ” Well what would you have me do then?”
    “God damn it…just do your fucking job!!” John slams his fists down on his desk ,emphasizing his anger.
    He is getting tired of this life he has chosen.
    Love makes you question your whole existence.
    Nicole has this power over him that no one else has.
    She’s making him want to be a better man……for her.

    Hope I did it right 🙂

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  2. Aspettando Lei

    Tutto succede così veloce ,
    Una settimana sembra una vita intera e Brian nonostante molto maturo e soltanto un ragazzo che ha già sofferto quando è morto suo padre e adesso pare che la sofferenza non ha più fine ,,,,,,,,
    Arrivato a casa di Lei non ha avuto il tempo di avvicinare alla porta
    Che questa si apre e vede davanti ,,,,, Ray Brawn molto imponente, arrabbiato e con un fucile in mano ,,,,,,,,,,

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    1. Google Translate version of Maria’s to save other people the trouble. Grammar is a bit scrappy though.

      waiting for You

      Everything happens so fast,
      A week seems a lifetime and Brian despite very mature and only a guy who has already suffered when his father died and now it seems that suffering has no end,,,,,,,,
      Arrived at the home of you have not had time to approach the door
      This opens up and sees before,,,,, Ray Brawn very impressive, angry and with a rifle in hand,,,,,,,,,,


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