BIG News!

Dear readers, friends, family, and those of you who are just stumbling in (bathroom is in the back, btw, and the coffee is fresh):

I have a publisher!

Stephen Moran, author of the Ella character that I borrowed for my two previous posts, was so smitten by the fictional team-up that we decided to team up IRL to help build his hybrid publishing house, Moran Publishing.

Moran Publishing is a hybrid publishing house in that writers retain all rights to their works with the added benefit of Moran Publishing’s extensive resources, support, and professional advice. (I’ve actually been tapping Stephen Moran’s brain for months now. I’m surprised he’s not sick of me!)

What does this mean?

My writing will get a bit more added structure, the books will look a bit more polished when they’re published, AND there might even be merch! That’s right, you get to run around with a t-shirt emblazoned with this:


You know you want to!

This also means that I will have a release date for COLOSSUS soon. The manuscript is currently going through it’s final round of edits.

Meanwhile, here are some reviews from a couple of my beta readers:

From Beatrice James author of Unexpected Refuge:

            Jette Harris will capture the attention of readers in Colossus.  It is not a book for the faint of heart.  It is full of torture – both physical and psychological …The characters invoked sympathy, irritation and frustration.

This book is not normally one that this reviewer would choose.  However, I was thoroughly engaged; it is well written and captivating.  I caution all readers about the graphic and sexually violent nature of the content of the book.  Personally, I found it disturbing and label it for Adults only.

From Samuel Vanegas:

Colossus is a superbly engaging novel that draws you into the lives of four high school students as they suddenly find themselves in the worst situation imaginable.

Heather and her friends are talented students and athletes on their way to successful futures but that very thing has made them targets for a serial killer. I was riveted as they were forced to make decisions that unraveled more and more of their past and how the killer plays them for his amusement and to satisfy his desires.
Jette Harris manages to breathe life into her characters and you will come to love and hate them as the events play out. Colossus manages to both thrill and horrify! This is a must-read for fans of psychological thrillers as the book will keep you on your toes the whole way through.


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