My NaNoWriMo WIP: Two Guns

Although it is already half-written, I’ve decided to finish Two Guns as my NaNoWriMo project. But while I was looking over it yesterday, I became overwhelmed. I’ve stated before that the narrative was far too busy, there is too much going on: there are too many POV characters and too many time lines. I had the Atlanta investigation as well as the narratives of what happened in Phoenix, Detroit, and San Francisco.

So I made a decision: I cut the murder narratives. Unless Steyer or Remington are in the scene, I hacked it out and plunked it into another .doc. But those scenes are golden, so instead of including them, cluttering up my WIP, I’m going to post them on my excerpt blog:

So, you get to read the many adventures of Avery Rhodes (under various aliases) for free! *throws confetti in the air*

I have also streamlined the narrators for Two Guns: I am only going to use Steyer (or Remington-I haven’t decided), Byron, and Thrace.

Now all I need to do is learn how to conduct an investigation.


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