Link to Live Reading

Thursday night, Lester Suggs, Lisa Bryski (L. M. Bryski), and I each read a chapter from our works, while goofing off. My camera sucks horribly, but the audio is perfect. I hope y’all enjoy! Click here for the YouTube video.

(In order of reading)

Lester Suggs is the author of Divine Destruction (The Return of Divinity Book 1) (click for link). His excerpt if from his current work-in-progress, Revenge of the Sky.

Lisa Bryski is the author of Book of Birds, a coming-of-age thriller for adults. It is to be released in the next month or so. I edited this book, and I’m so excited about it! She read a pivotal chapter from this book.

I read a chapter from COLOSSUS (My Name Is Not Heather Stokes, book 1) (click for link), my adult horror-thriller.


I hope y’all enjoy!


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