777 Game

I was tagged by K M Taylor on my Facebook to play the 777 game: post 7 lines from page 7 of the current work in progress and tag 7 authors to do the same. This excerpt is from Two Guns:
Byron’s eyes were wide. His face was pale. “We–We need to call their parents. Fuck–what are we gonna tell Tex? Lauri?
“Stop.” Kondorf put his hands on Byron’s shoulders. “You’re getting too far ahead of yourself. Way too far. This might be related to Z and Witt’s disappearance. Like you said, they might be helping Witt run away from home.”
“But there’s blood–there was blood…” Byron confessed, “I was just saying all that to… because…”
I love writerly games.
Since I don’t follow too many authors on Facebook, I’m bringing the game to Twitter and tagging:

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4 thoughts on “777 Game

  1. Mercury Studio was no exception. On of their security guards, Murray ‘What’s Your Hurry’ Lewis, started his 4:00 to midnight shift at the front gate with a deeply resigned sense of disappointment and hunger. He had already missed most of the celebrities arriving early in the morning and most of the catering trucks stopping for breakfast, brunch, lunch and whatever the afternoon break is called. He was starving contemplating all the free donuts, cookies, little sandwiches and burgers he could be mooches by for free. Without those free on-the-job snacks, Hollywood just wasn’t as glamorous as he imagined it could be. The celebrities he could take or leave but to lose out on free food was agonizing. Which was why he was pleasantly surprised at the start of a shift a few weeks back when a new catering truck arrived several snacking paces from the front gate.

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