Release Announcement: Phoenix Rising – Salvage

Although many of you are chomping at the bit for the second My Name Is Not Heather Stokes novel, Two Guns, it’s not ready yet. Soon, but not yet.

HOWEVER, the second Phoenix Rising novella, Salvage, IS ready. The cover was just completed today, thanks to my brother and cover artist, Brian Bullard.

Phoenix Rising – Salvage will be released Friday, August 19th Salvageas a Kindle eBook. (As of right now, I do not have a release date for a paperback.)

Description: Fifteen-year-old Thatch is now free of the horrors of Flint Ranch, sent away by a mother who can’t stand the sight of him to live with a father that he’s never met. Rejected and traumatized, he must learn to navigate city life, a new school, and the father-son relationship he had never before dared to dream of.
Flint Ranch

If you are wondering what Thatch has escaped and how, check out Phoenix Rising – FLINT RANCH, available as a Kindle eBook (click cover for link) and in paperback.

Phoenix Rising is a series of novellas narrating how an innocent farmboy named Thatch grows into the notorious serial killer known as the Phoenix.



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