Dad Wolf – The Reunion

This hearkens back to Dad Wolf: The Secret-Keepers.

Adult-ish content.

Posted under pressure.


Hank was already there. Amber could tell by the flattened leaves around the clearing he had been there for a while. As soon as she slid down the embankment, he came crashing through the underbrush on the opposite side. Tongue lulling, panting in anticipation, he barreled down and jumped at her feet.

Ducking into a bow, he paused. His paws lengthened, claws shrinking. His muzzle receded. He whimpered and whined, clinching his fingers into fists as soon as his paws turned to hands. Taking a deep breath, he stood. Thick patches of fur still covered his body, but his face was recognizable. His tail still swayed behind him. It wagged enthusiastically as he wrapped his furry arms around her. She loved it when he did that. He nuzzled and nipped her face and neck.

“You smell amazing,” he said, his voice still a growl.

Amber laughed. “You say that every time.”

“It’s true every time.” He pressed his face into her hair and took a deep breath. “I love the smell of you. I can’t get enough of it. I miss it.”

Spinning her, he lifted her off her feet and laid her down in the leaves. The fur was gone now, and her husband smiled down at her. She giggled as he tugged at her clothes, exposing her skin, sniffing, licking, nipping. When he reached her jeans, he buried his nose between her legs and took a big whiff.
“Mmm… You’ve been ready for me.”

Amber pursed her lips and nodded. “Mm-hm… But we should hurry; The kids are waiting for us.”

Hank tugged at her button with his teeth. “Would you prefer I wait?” His smirk told her he already knew the answer.

“No!” She wrestled her jeans down around her thighs, and he pulled them down to her ankles. “We just need to hurry.”

“We can take it slow later,” he murmured. His tongue slipped out to taste her. Turning her over, he took her hips and pulled her to her hands and knees. “I’ve been waiting for this all month.”

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