The Resolutions I Didn’t Want to Make

resolution-2I was pretty convinced going into the final stretch of 2016 I did not want to make resolutions. Instead, I wanted to focus on improving myself as a whole, not only specific aspects. A goal like that is vague, and a vague goal is bound to fail. The point of making resolutions is to create something to focus on, even if one tends to lose focus quickly. The key is not only to make a resolution, but also to create a plan to go along with it.

In addition to this excellent reason,  I also just wanted something to share with those who asked, because resolutions are a good conversation topic that reveal a lot about someone.

I’ve made two resolutions:

  • engage in political activism
  • manage my time


Political Activism

In the past, I was always critical of current events without being active. I had only ever voted once, when I turned 18, and didn’t research before I did so. Even when I did research, I never did anything but discuss the topic. After last year’s political turmoil, I realized the importance of doing research, finding sources, and contacting legislators. My vote in the presidential election may not count for shit (I voted Kerry the first time), but my vote in local and state elections DOES. Therefore, I made a list of Maryland legislators, I am going to research bills going before them, find aspects important to me, and call their offices to ask for their support or rejection. Since I hate speaking on the phone, I’m going to make a script for each topic, based on the following template:

On date, bill number/name will come before you. This bill states excerpt, which means explanationI’d like for you to vote in support of/against this bill.

I will also be posting this script on my Facebook and Twitter for others.

The most time-consuming aspect of this is going to be researching the bills, because so often something important (and controversial) is buried among a seemingly-unrelated topic. Fortunately, there are sites and apps to assist with this hunt.


Time Management

I’ve tied my first resolution to my second, which is to manage my time better. This encompasses most of the other areas I’d like to improve: fitness, writing, editing, promotion. In the past, marking my calendar or setting alarms had temporary success, which continued to prompt me on occasion (For example, on weekdays I set an alarm for 7 PM to start editing. I usually ignore it, but if I haven’t already edited that day, or didn’t have anything else going on, I would sit down and edit). The lacking factor is determination and regularity in order to develop a routine. Eventually, I won’t need the calendar or alarm.

I doodled out a seven-day calendar and used bullet points to create a to-do list for each day. Once I have my routine figured out for each day, I’m going to make something more aesthetically-pleasing. Each day has a different main task, and other notes. For example, on Mondays, I will update and promote my Author Facebook. This doesn’t seem like much, but for me, Facebook is the most neglected page I have, especially since not many people engage with it. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, I will post Intermissions and Chapters (respectively) on Wattpad. On Fridays, I will update this blog. On Wednesdays, I will participate in #1lineWed on Twitter. On Sundays, I will research for my activism and develop my script, then contact legislators on Mondays (this, of course, is delayed until I update my residency. Technically, I am still a resident of Georgia). This may seem elementary to some, but that is really the point. Time management does not come easily to all.

When I have the aesthetically-pleasing calendar created, I will take a picture and post it.


I would love to hear about everyone else’s New Year’s Resolutions, but most importantly, I would love to hear your plan on how to intend to achieve your goals!


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