Meet the Book: Sweet NOTHING

Thomas Granger and his forbears have been a thorn in the Wilkinsons’ side for generations. Or have the Wilkinsons been thorns in the Grangers’ side…? Nobody knows, and that suits them just fine, until Tom comes to burn down Nathan Wilkinson’s wheat field, and is met by Wilkinson’s headstrong eldest, Elizabeth. The blood feud spanning four generations is called to court, resulting in an ultimatum: Thomas Granger must marry Elizabeth Wilkinson, or serve time for attempted arson and assault.
Now Granger is trapped with a wife he believes seeks to ruin him, so he will ruin her first. Elizabeth is trapped with a husband who refuses to acknowledge her, so she will win his esteem. They engage in a battle of wits, where the weapons are subversion, tears, as well as many unforeseen circumstances.

SNCover (2)This concept rattled around in my brain for several months before I started working on it. The original idea involved a lot of malicious coercion, and letting the idea sit for so long, and misplacing my initial notes in the process, let to those plot devices being forgotten and neglected in when I finally sat down to write. I chose it as my July CampNaNoWriMo project (the results of which you can read about HERE).

This project was different because I sat down determined to write it chronologically. All of my other projects have been written by jumping to the scenes that come to mind most prominently. I wanted to try something different, and see how it worked.

It worked splendidly when it came to the bulk of the story, but it suspect it also contributed to burning out near the end of the narrative, leading to a weaker ending. Fortunately, I had a small, strong army of beta readers attack the first draft. I will be revising soon using their feedback.

Something else different that I intend to do with this novel: Traditional publication. Since the content is highly marketable, I will be querying Sweet NOTHING. So cross your fingers for me!

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