Unintended Hiatus

Hello, my lovely readers!

I apologize for my month-ish long hiatus. I promised for a couple of weeks that I would get on it, then did not. I devoted all of my writing energy to finishing the Two Guns rewrite for the #JuneWritingChallenge, then chasing the wild hare that was Assassin’s Arrangement.

In addition to that, I think I am a bit daunted by the topic I was supposed to write, which is “The Dangers of Rushing,” because a lot of it is expressing the personal regret I feel for rushing into publishing COLOSSUS.

Until I am able to get the well-reasoned argument out, the gist of it is, “Slow your roll.”

In good news, Two Guns and Assassin’s Arrangement are going well. So well, in fact, I have a tentative publication date for each of them:

  • Assassin’s Arrangement – August 1st (I wanted it to be August 5th, but the pre-release activities and publication conflict with #PitchWars)
  • Two Guns (sequel to COLOSSUS) – November 20th (the two-year anniversary of COLOSSUS)

My regularly scheduled Sunday/Monday posts will resume shortly, most likely as soon as I am done with one of these projects.

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