So much is going on!

I’m so sorry my updates have been spotty and not instructional recently! I had a good run after the new year, and I’m not sure what happened, but my discipline hiccuped–HICCUPED, which means I’ll be back in the saddle shortly.

In the meanwhile, what have I been up to?


To assuage my guilt for not posting any content, I created PUBLICATIONS and COMING SOON pages, and deleted my WIP pages (those will be posted on my Wattpad).

At the beginning of the year, I had a list of topics to write on, vague concepts  like “Do not rush” and “approaching feedback.” I’m going to take that list and attempt write drafts or outlines for each one, so that I won’t hit Sunday night and think, “Sh!t, I didn’t write a blog post!”

If you’d like to hear from me on a specific topic, leave a comment below! Even if I’ve already written on that topic, unless it was recent, I should have much more to say and wouldn’t mind writing on it again. I will even put your request at the top of the list!


I’ve been studying marketing, to help get my books out to more readers in my target audience. I may never feel efficient enough to write any instructional posts, but I will at least be able to reflect on my own experiences.


I am going to start a newsletter! As soon as I figure out how to create one. They will be more reader-oriented than writer-oriented (They WILL, I SWEAR!), and will go out once a month and on special occasions (pre-orders, ARC submissions, launches, etc.).

If you’ve seen something new and different, or irritating and delete-worthy, in a newsletter you subscribe to or have created, tell me what they did in the comments below!

(Also, if you’re willing to hold my hand through the newsletter-creation process, please hit me up.)


I’ve been trying to write every day. I find this easy [for me], but the difficult part is writing on just one project, as opposed to multiple projects. I’d like to get to the point where I’m finishing a first draft per month. If you’d like to join me on this mission, so we can cheer each other on, hit me up on Twitter: @JettimusMaximus.

My current WIP is a werewolf suspense set in small-town USA in 1996. I thought it was going to be easy to write during July’s Camp NaNoWriMo, but writing it is competing with preparing to launch Assassin’s Arrangement, a Victorian suspense novelette on 01 August (more on that below). I hit 17k words out of my 30k goal. I have a full outline, so it should have flowed easily. I just have so many other things cluttering my mind.

Why does this always happen in July???

Launching The Accomplice Novelette Trilogy:

What? You haven’t heard of this yet? Well, that means you don’t follow me on Twitter  and you haven’t Liked my page on Facebook! That’s OK–I still love you. Maybe just a little less…AA Teaser

The Accomplice Novelette Trilogy is my way to getting the 19th Century out of my system. It didn’t work very well, but it did turn into a pretty interesting project. I wrote Assassin’s Arrangement in six days and tweaked it over a few weeks. It’s designed to be a fun, quick read (it generally takes two hours), and will have two follow-ups focusing on other characters, Assassin’s Accomplice and Assassin’s Angel.

  • Assassin’s Arrangement (as stated above) is now available for pre-order and is being released on 01 August.
  • Assassin’s Accomplice should be available mid-September or early October
  • Assassin’s Angel should be available in December or January.

Re-launching Heather Stokes:

twogunsAfter listening to feedback and considering it long and hard, I’ve decided to change the name of my psychological suspense novels from My Name Is Not Heather Stokes to  RUN RABBIT RUN. Yes, I stole that line from Pink Floyd’s Speak to Me. Not only is My Name Is Not… long and clunky, but the readers don’t learn the reason for the name until much later in the series, while RUN RABBIT RUN is obvious from the middle of the first novel, COLOSSUS.

COLOSSUS will be relaunched on Halloween, and Two Guns will be released 20 November.

Of course, this is not ALL that is going on in my writing world, but it is quite a lot and some of the other things going on will be their own post (Going full indie! Wut? Maybe…).

Remember, if you have any opinions on newletters or topics you’d like for me to post on, comment below!

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