Assassin’s Arrangement cover reveal!


Good day to you all and thank you for coming!

As many of you know, my brother, Brian H. Bullard, does most of my book covers. They generally start with me telling him what I want, him telling me it’s stupid, and then we proceed from there. This time, there was not as much conflict! I sent him a series of inspiration pictures and a short description of what I wanted:

I’ve been working on a new, short project called Assassin’s Arrangement, set in 1853 England. … Beyond what I have below, I don’t really have an image in my head yet, so any and all ideas are welcome.
Covers from comparable novels:

Possible inspiration:
I really like the highwayman outfit, which I wrote into the story, and the way his head is turned. The dagger is like the blade my assassin uses (10-12 inches from hilt to tip), but could you personalize it a bit? I was thinking having a snubbed point at the tang so he can use both ends. Easily concealed.
Together we came up with this concept (obviously, this is my handiwork–this is why I’M the writer, and HE’S the painter):
From this hot mess, he outlined this:
Then polished it up to this lovely draft:
At this point, I’m looking at it like… “Why does Angel have white-girl hair?” So, he fixes that:

Drumroll, please!



That fog!


The finished piece! 


Then I send a scanned image to my wonderful cover formatter, Sean Hoade, who affixes the cover material.

I am thrilled to present the cover to my Victiorian suspense novelette, ASSASSIN’S ARRANGEMENT, now available for pre-order via Amazon!


Please join me for my daily pre-launch hashtag festivities on Twitter starting 11:30 a.m. EST! Join the chat and discuss the topics using the hashtag #AssArrChat!






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