My 2017 in Review

2017 was a wild ride


My husband and I spent the majority of the year living in Maryland, in some friends’ guestroom, working at the dining room table. Despite wanting to settle in the DC area, we quickly realized that wouldn’t be as practical or affordable as we wished, so we bought a house and moved back to metro-Atlanta. Well… a bit farther than metro, but houses cost money.

I tried to keep everyone informed of my progress in writing and publishing, but for those of you who may have missed something, those of you who are new, and those of you who like to see everything in one place (like me), here’s my year in review. I tried to keep it to visible things (i.e. books you can look up if curious).

  • I finished Sweet NOTHING

I started my 1813 South Carolina enemies-to-lovers romance as my July 2016 Camp NaNo project, and I fell short 5k words from winning and one or two chapters short of finishing the story. I finished the story in February, sent it to beta readers, and I’ve been picking at it every once in a while since then. I realized as I was writing scenes involving slaves/freed slaves that I may have fallen into two racist tropes: the white savior and the Magical Negro. Although my beta readers are knowledgeable in the areas of history and feminism, they can’t tell me what it would be like for a person of color to read these scenes.

What now?

Re-writing.  I’ve recruited a sensitivity reader for March, and I’ll be re-writing it in anticipation of her review, and revising it after.

  • I re-wrote Two Guns

I started writing the concurrent sequel to COLOSSUS before I was even completed with COLOSSUS. I finished it for 2015 NaNoWriMo, but it wasn’t quite right. I re-wrote it for April Camp NaNoWriMo, revised it, and had it ready for a November release.

What now?

Format Two Guns for paperback. When I released the eBook, I had no idea how to do this, but now I do!

  • I wrote and published Assassin’s Arrangement.

Assassin’s Arrangement was a wild ride. Inspired in part by a documentary on the Port Royal earthquake, I wrote this novelette over eight days in May, re-wrote it, and published it by August first.

I did this as a challenge to myself. I didn’t know such a thing was possible, and it was amazing for my confidence.

What now?

Unfortunately, the two sequels I planned (and promised) didn’t happen on schedule, but Assassin’s Accomplice is my first project for 2018. My goal is to have the first draft completed by February and to publish it on March 20th.

I wrote a screenplay for COLOSSUS.

It was like pulling teeth and it’s 400 pages, which is 300 pages too long. But it exists! And some of the changes I made are even better than the novel.

What now?

I have no idea. I sent it off to the director who asked for it and haven’t heard back. He’s off co-directing a hit TV show, so I’m not about to be impatient about it.

  • I completed and published the creepy captivity shorts.

In March 2016, I wrote two short stories and posted them here. I wanted to write five, but ran out of steam. I had no plans for them, I just got them out of my head. When I started hearing about other writers posting short stories on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. There’s more about this experiment here.

What now?

I’m formatting a paperback-exclusive collection of all the stories. This should be ready within the next week or so.

  •  I successfully re-launched COLOSSUS

My first publication turned two years old this year! To celebrate this and finally finishing Two Guns, I polished up the cover, description, and first few chapters. I go into more detail on the whys and hows of a relaunch HERE. I also launched a few AMS advertisements.

What now?

Keep on keepin’ on. I’m going to create a few more advertisements (perhaps even Facebook_, and write the third book.

  • I launched a pen name for my romances.

I love my rape and murder stories, but I’m also a sap for romance, and planned several of them. I stole my great-grandmother’s name, Anna Lillian Wade, to make sure my romance readers don’t stumble across my thrillers thinking they’ll have anything resembling a happily ever after.

What now?

I’m re-launching Assassin’s Arrangement as an Anna Lillian Wade book, since it’s a romance. I’ll also be publishing Sweet NOTHING as Anna Lillian Wade.

  • I wrote and published Mathematical Kisses.

What started as a random thought while walking the dog turned into a long short story, a spy romance, and perhaps the most adorable thing I’ve ever written. I just released it as a paperback as well.

What now?

I have readers begging for this to be made into a longer work, so once my six planned projects are wrapped up, I may jump into that.

  • I edited four novels that went on to be published.

I performed developmental edits on three novels and formatting for a fourth. They are all published (although I discouraged the publication of one of them unless rewritten). Three of them are available on Amazon. Another is available as paperback elsewhere.

What now?

I’m always looking for new editing projects. If you know anyone looking for an editor, have them look me up! I’m even offering half-off until June.

Farther Up, Farther In

My goal for 2018 is to complete eight drafts (including the final draft of Sweet NOTHING, publish six of them, and read twelve books. Four of the six works I’m planning on publishing are Anna Lillian Wade romances.

I already have the six planned publications, so soon I’m going to post a list and descriptions of the other projects I have started or plotted (there are about twenty).

YOU will get to pick the other two projects.

My planned publications are the 1813 enemies-to-lovers romance, Sweet NOTHINGAssassin’s Accomplice and Assassin’s Angel, the second and third Accomplice novelettes; RUIN, the third Run Rabbit Run novel; the third Phoenix Rising novella; and an unnamed Christmas story based on a memoir I edited that I’m going to query to Hallmark.

What about you?

Do you have any reading or writing goals for 2018? Share them in the comments below!


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