YOU Get to Vote on my 2018 Projects!

Before the New Year, I made a list of works I need to write and publish in 2018–works I’ve promised to readers, mostly sequels–as well as other live projects.

Promised to publish:

  • RUIN, Run Rabbit Run #3
    • The third COLOSSUS novel, but most likely not the last you hear from Avery Rhodes.
    • Release date: late October (instead of mid-November, because I realized planning a November release was planning frustration and stress that I just don’t need.)
    • You can find a sample on my Facebook HERE and on this blog HERE.
  • Untitled, Phoenix Rising #3
    • In Salvage, PR #2, readers see Thatch delivered from a hellish environment to a refuge where he finally has a family. In the yet-untitled PR #3, watch me burn it all to the ground. Because Thatch.
    • Release date: late April, halfway between Two Guns and RUIN. 
    • You can find the opening scene HERE.
  • Assassin’s Accomplice, The Accomplice Novelette #2 (as Anna Lillian Wade)
    • Assassin’s Arrangement, from Miss White’s point of view. I’m fighting to give Miss White her own world, life, and experiences, independent from the assassin.
    • Release date: March 20th! I set up the pre-order page on Amazon and everything.
  • Assassin’s Angel, The Accomplice Novelette #3 (as Anna Lillian Wade)
    • A focus on the relationship between the assassin and Angel: where they met, how they developed their “interesting” relationship, and how they ended up in Bath, doing what they’re doing.
    • Release date: End of July.
  • Sweet NOTHING (as Anna Lillian Wade)
    • An 1813 South Carolina enemies-to-lovers romance. A dispute between two plantations is settled by an arranged marriage, but suspicion on the groom’s behalf and hurt on the bride’s behalf leads to a bumpy honeymoon period.
    • Release date: May…ish. I’ll be working with a sensitivity reading March (because plantation, salves, and freed slaves), so I’m hoping to complete it in April.
    • The first several chapters (up to the most problematic scenes) are posted here on Wattpad.
  • A Saskatchewan Christmas (working title, as Anna Lillian Wade)
    • inspired by the chapter The Christmas Concert from Al Bryski’s memoir A Saskatchewan Farm Boy, although it probably won’t be set in Canada.
    • Keeping this a bit more hush-hush, because I want to submit it to Hallmark. If they reject it, I will re-assess whether to shop it around or self-pub.


Now, time for the list you have been waiting for! 

I have about twenty “live” projects, which means these are projects where I have a fleshed-out and usable plot, a good feeling for the characters, and maybe even scenes written. There are many more snippets and vague ideas tapped out in the Notepad app on my phone, but these are the ones freshest in my mind and in a usable state.

Read through the details below, then vote for the ones you like best in the comments! If you don’t have a WordPress, you can vote by @ me on Twitter or messaging me on Facebook. Choose only two, and indicate which is #1 and #2. Plots are separated by genre.

Adult Suspense/Thriller/Horror (as Jette Harris)

  • The Cuckoo’s Nest or Funkytown
    • psychological/medical/serial killer thriller
    • After a run of irritating and less-than-glorious gigs, security team CONsent, LLC is hired by the young entrepreneur Jeremy Sekel to act as private police for a private community called Hattersville. The catch? The citizens of Hattersville are either employees for a pharmaceutical company that develops highly-experimental drugs, or the criminally-insane patients who volunteered to test them in exchange for an environment that resembles freedom. The team, led by Michelle Vespira, learns they need to do more than just protect the employees from the patients, and the patients from each other and themselves: they also need to catch drug smugglers, prevent corporate espionage, intercept serial-killer groupies… oh, and convince some of the patients they do not have divine powers.
    • Described as Fox’s LUCIFER meets SyFy’s EUREKA.
    • Contains sex positivity, body positivity, queer characters, multi-racial characters, interracial relationships, lots of and a variety of mental illness, bereavement, polyamory, and maybe even actual-freaking-angels.
    • I started this as a screenplay, but it probably won’t continue as such. I have 29 pages (one episode), a little over 4200 words.
    • The first episode is posted here on Wattpad.
  • The Afflicted
    • Post-natural disaster, with a zombie-esque pandemic
    • Leilynn and her family are survivors of an earth-shattering natural disaster that has changed the geography of the globe and blocked out the sun for several years. This coincides with the outbreak of a fungus-based plague that strips the host of its morality, gradually kills them, but keeps the dead body animated, personality and all. But for a small population infected, it changes them entirely, turning them into monsters. Faulk is one of the infected, but he’s not a monster… and he’s not dead… and he’s not a sociopath. He is in some kind of affliction-limbo, but cannot live among the Unafflicted without being euthanized.
    • I started writing this in 2012/2013, and I have three notebooks of highly-problematic content. It was my first real writing project in several years. I would have to re-plot and rewrite.
  • The Sisters Knight
    • Werewolves! Inspired by the opening scene of Stephen King’s IT.
    • Twin sisters, Starr and Storm, inherit their uncle’s house in a small suburb on the opposite side of a metropolis. The town is idyllic, but they quickly see the cracks in the facade: Every sign, pole, and window is cluttered with fliers for missing animals, elderly people, and children. A cop and a teacher, the sisters team up to find a missing student, and learn that the children’s whispers of a monster may not be imaginary.
    • Deals with depression, domestic violence, sex positivity, and pansexuality.
    • One of last year’s Camp NaNo projects, I hit just over 15k before getting pulled away by a shiny new idea. It is fully plotted.
    • You can find a scene on my Facebook here.
  • The Ghostwriter (temporary title)
    • psychological thriller
    • A once-bestselling writer in an abusive marriage offers her services as an editor and ghostwriter. A retired doctor hires her to write his memoir. The story begins innocently enough, but grows increasingly more disturbing. She begins to wonder if her client is just an obsessed fan pulling her leg or an actual killer, and how afraid she should really be.
    • I have the ending of this story written on paper. That’s it.
  • The Phoenix Rising novellas
    • coming-of-age suspense/serial killer backstory
    • An on-going series of novellas (about 18-20k words) following Thatch as he grows into the serial killer we all know and love to hate in COLOSSUS.
    • While #1 and #2 are published, and #3 is in near-publishable shape, it grows rather amorphous after that. I have snippets of scenes here and there, but have to get him from the Army to medical school before the Phoenix actually starts sabbatical.
  • The Phoenix Ascending novellas
    • serial killer thrillers
    • Three novellas focusing on the Phoenix murders in Phoenix, AZ, Detroit, and San Francisco.
    • I have large amounts of material for Detroit, and almost-complete manuscript for San Francisco, but just a vague idea for Phoenix.
    • Includes scenes used as flashbacks in Two Guns, like this one from Phoenix posted on my Facebook.

Adult Romances (will be written as Anna Lillian Wade)

  • Rude
    • contemporary romance/family drama
    • A washed-out cricket player hosts one of the most popular shows on a massive sports network, but his success, health, and family are all put at risk when his daughter reveals publicly she is the victim of domestic violence and moves back home. Now he has to learn not to meddle in her affairs, even if it means she wants to hook up with his personal assistant, whom he believes is far beneath her.
    • Based on the song by Magic!
    • I posted the first scene on this blog HERE.
    • I have 1100 words on the nose, the characters developed, and the main plot line figured out…ish.
  • The Repairman
    • steamy romantic suspense
    • Following her divorce, Amanda Pfeifer is an independent woman. But an abusive ex, Lane, the man she left for her now-ex husband, plans to put her right back where she had been before: Under his thumb. When a friend suggests she hire “a repairman” to fix the problem, Amanda toys with the idea of ridding the world of Lane Shaw once and for all. Except the repairman is expensive. And so hot. And as time passes, Lane grows more possessive. More aggressive. Amanda begins to believe that the repairman might be the best way to go. But she’ll have to convince him to come down on price… or accept something other than money as payment.
    • The more I work on this story, the most it shifts from a silly whim of an idea to a fully-fleshed-out plot.
    • I have a little over 9,500 words, and they are all posted here on Wattpad.
  • Affirmative Consent
    • steamy contemporary erotica-ish, most likely a long short or a novella
    • Kat, full-time maid and part-time blogging sensation, has landed her dream-client, the wealthy lawyer defending Atlanta’s most famous and infamous celebrities. Despite his strict demands and eccentricities, she endears herself to him, leading to many steamy, discreet liaisons and a few tense situations.
    • This is what you get when you ship Kat Dennings and Tom Hiddleston.
    • I have half a composition book of material, and a few notes of where the plot should go.
    • Not your typical HEA.
  • Master Massage
    • Erotic suspense (most likely novella-length)
    • Diane, a newly-escaped battered wife suffering from depression, PTSD, and a newfound fear of men, is talked into seeing a masseuse, Derek, to help her loosen up. She appreciates his disposition and talent, trying every method he has to offer. Things steam up when he offers his sensual massage, but are set back when she has an encounter with her ex that results in Derek and his wife, Jess, intervening, as well as the ex’s suspicious death. As Derek and Jess assist her with this physical and emotional set-back, Diane learns their marriage is a Dom/sub relationship, and allows them to show her a bit more of this world.
    • Has themes of domestic violence, sex positivity, PSTD, depression, positive D/s relationship, mild BDSM.
    • I have over 5800 words of non-consecutive scenes, and a general idea of how it will end.
  • Untitled Germanic/Greek Romance
    • Historical romantic suspense, arranged marriage. About 350 BCE, if I remember correctly.
    • A Germanic chieftain, veteran of many battles with the Greeks, must escape with his children (three sons, two daughters, one baby girl) after an attempted coup. He finds refuge in an unexpected place: a Greek colony on the banks of the Volga River, in the house of a Greek general, a former rival. The Germans are regarded by the other colonists as enemies, which leads to the once-respected Greek general’s family to be treated with suspicion as well. Between an arranged marriage and a serendipitous romance, they unite their families and their community just in time to face an invasion from the same men who forced the chieftain to flee in the first place.
    • I don’t remember how much of this I have written. Maybe only a scene or two. The plot is also under-developed. But this idea has been rattling in my brain for a while.
  • Magwyn (possibly temporary title, possibly a duology)
    • Dark Ages historical romance, enemies-to-lovers, arranged marriage
    • pre-Norman Invasion Britain, c. 400 ACE. Inspired by BBC’s Merlin.
    • A victory over the indigenous forest-dwellers leads the the enslavement and assimilation of the tribe’s heirs–unbeknownst to the victorious Brits until they realize Magwyn, the new kitchen girl, is not only daughter to the late chief, but also betrothed to the cruel leader of another tribe, the new thorn in their side. To invalidate his claim, the young king arranges a competition, with Magwyn as the first-place prize and her sister as the second-place prize. Magwyn is bitter about this arrangement, but grows fearful when her betrothed and his best warriors demands a place in the competition as well. She turns to the only man she knows can win: Sir Robert, the man who killed her brother and almost bested her in battle as well. He, of course, wins the bride and the battle, but it leads to all-out war. Not only does he have to win Magwyn’s heart, but he has to trust her enough to allow her to help him win against her former betrothed.
    • I have two or three scenes already written on paper for this. I should type one of them up and post it here, because it’s adorable.
    • There’s a lot going on, so I may have the competition in one book and the war in a second.

Young Adult (these may be written under a different pen name)

  • The Shadow Comes (possibly temporary title)
    • YA historical horror/dark fantasy, romance-free
    • Also inspired by Stephen King’s IT.
    • Every sixty years, a horror descends upon an island, as it has done for thousands of years. The people of the island have turned conquering the horror into a well-known ceremony. But when invaders conquer the people of the island, killing most of the natives, the horror diminishes into whispers among the very old and bedtime stories among the young. Until the horror strikes again. T’la, a maid in the household of the presiding general, only wants to protect her little sister, Neese. But that grows more and more complicated as men of power for some reason vie for her hand and the surviving natives for some reason expect her to save them from the horror. She teams up with the general to discover what exactly the horror is, where it comes from, and how to destroy it once and for all. T’la hopes, somewhere along the way, she will learn why everyone has such high expectations for her.
    • I hit this hard and fast late last summer, ending up with over 35k written. It is almost fully-plotted, with just a few timeline hiccups and a hole or two.
    • I need to determine how YA this story is going to be, as it has some themes of sexual assault and violent colonization.
    • I have a sample on my Facebook HERE.
  • The Torrential
    • Mulan on a pirate ship! YA historical adventure
    • A few years after the 1692 earthquake in Port Royal, Jamaica
    • Jack Wolff has a secret that could cost him his life, and almost does, until the merchant ship he crewed is captured by pirates, and he is taken on board the notorious ship, The Torrential. Here, he finds a crew who is more than happy to show him the ropes as they travel to Port Royal to search for his father, believed lost in the earthquake. But things get complicated as Jack develops an attraction to the inscrutable captain, obsessed with a legendary treasure protected by mythical figures. So, when Jack’s life-threatening secret is revealed, the only option left is offering to help the captain retrieve the treasure.
    • Mulan, but with treasure-hunting pirates and sirens–the bird-kind! Whether the reader knows the secret or it is a reveal is TBD.
    • I have this plotted, and occasionally add plot points and ideas, but no scenes so far.
  • Dad Wolf
    • Werewolf family drama! Title is stolen from Teen Wolf.
    • Set in 1980’s
    • Hank and Amber Noel are madly in love. They have two healthy, intelligent children. But their lives are far from ordinary: Hank only sees his family two days a month, spending the rest of the time away “for work.” He cherishes those precious hours in relative peace, until one night an unexpected visitor unravels Hank’s loosely-woven secret and puts everyone he cares for in danger.
    • I have a little over 23k words. I fall back in love with it whenever I read it.
    • The first few scenes can be found on my Wattpad and on this blog HERE with a bit of a racier scene HERE.
  • The Fool’s Tale
    • YA historical suspense
    • set in a middle ages-like kingdom
    • Told through the eyes of a nobleman who is wrongly imprisoned and finds himself in an awkward situation wearing a dead jester’s motley at the time of a coup. His only hope of survival is to play the fool, calling himself Spades. The princess, Annalisa, only wishes to honor her father, although he abandoned her to the usurper, her uncle. She begins the slow and painful journey of realizing that her entire life may have been a lie.
    • I started writing this in college, when I was 22. I have no idea where the originals are, but they are probably still around somewhere…
    • This originally involved a May-December romance between the princess and the fool, but Christopher Moore’s FOOL ruined that for me.
  • The Dreamer
    • YA dark fantasy, romance-free
    • Young Kay is employed to be the Dreamer, a psychic isolated and educated to use her powers solely to protect and advance the kingdom. Her only friends are her maids and guards, with the occasional tutor. When a vagabond, the last of his kind, is recruited to teach her a dying language, rebels use him to get close to her. He develops a desire to save her from her lonely life of servitude… but Kay does not see herself as a prisoner and has no interest in being saved.
    • fully-plotted with the first scene written.


Vote for your top two picks by posting in the comments. If you don’t have a WordPress, you can vote by @ me on Twitter or messaging me on Facebook.

If you have any questions you’d like answered before you vote, feel free to ask! I usually respond within a few hours.

You could also go above and beyond by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter, so others can vote as well!

Voting will be open until January 15th.



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