Writing and publishing are learning experiences, especially indie publishing. Everything I do is an experiment, trial and error. I’ve learned a lot by failing, and even more by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Recently, I’ve learned a lot about book covers. The two most important things being:

  • your book cover needs to match your genre
  • your book cover needs to be discernible as a thumbnail

I love the cover art my brother did for the Run Rabbit Run books. They convey the tone of the stories very well: they’re dark, brutal, and stir up a lot of questions. (NOTE: this also reveals the original, unreleased cover for RUIN.)

What they don’t do is convey the genre very well. They also don’t look very professional.

I’ve had some people guess dark romance or noncon erotica (because restraint and bare chests), some guess horror, some even guessed hentai. And, yes, I can see where they’re coming from (except romance–WTF?), however, COLOSSUS isn’t any of those.

Run Rabbit Run is a serial killer thriller series.

And, yes, once I explain, people understand, but I need someone to look at the covers without that explanation and know they’ll be on the same shelves as Silence of the Lambs or Kiss the Girls in the bookstore, and they might like them as well.

But I still had no idea what I wanted to do until I saw another cover that conveyed exactly what I wanted.



Suspense? Check. Ominous male figure? Check. Setting? Check.

I reached out to Kelley York of X-Potion Designs, and she put together a mock-up for me that, while not my original vision, made me drool.

So, BEHOLD!, the new covers for the RUN RABBIT RUN series, as well as the cover reveal for RUIN–coming this Halloween.

I’ve already changed the eBooks over to the new covers, and I’ll be updating the paperbacks at the end of the month (29 April, to be exact). I’ve dropped the prices on the paperbacks for readers who prefer the original covers (COLOSSUS:  and Two Guns:

If you like what you see, check out Kelley’s page at She’s affordable, prompt, easy to communicate with, and I love working with her.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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