Healthy Ways for Writers to Procrastinate

First off, I am not encouraging my fellow writers to procrastinate... Y'all don't need encouragement as much as y'all need a pep talk. However, writers procrastinate for reasons, and sometimes it's important to indulge. These reasons include: anxiety not knowing the next step sub-optimal writing environment not loving your WIP discouragement heavy material If you find yourself … Continue reading Healthy Ways for Writers to Procrastinate

Sample: RUDE

“I’m forgetting something,” Geoffrey Royce said. “Something important.” He leaned forward in his seat and began to shuffle the papers on his desk. His make-up girl, Arnessa, chased him to continue dabbing at his deepening crow’s feet. “Cue cards?” she suggested. “No, nothing like that…” Royce held up the cue cards and dropped them again. … Continue reading Sample: RUDE