Assassin’s Accomplice, first draft celebration

Last night, I completed the first draft of the second Accomplice novelette, Assassin's Accomplice! At several points writing this story was like pulling teeth, because it is a counter-pov parallel story. This means the first book, Assassin's Arrangement, was written from one point of view, and the second book covers the same overarching plot from … Continue reading Assassin’s Accomplice, first draft celebration


2018 Reading Goal

The Reason Like many, I struggle to balance my writing life, my personal life, my full-time job, and other obligations. Most writers believe reading is an integral part of writing; As Stephen King says, “If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write.” If a writer doesn't … Continue reading 2018 Reading Goal

The Creepy Captivity Shorts: an experiment with an art form

What started as an eerie stand-alone flash fiction turned into a series of short stories and an experiment in publication. Nails: the first creepy captivity short (the original version is available for free here) -- Introducing our nameless host. An attempt to indulge his current victim threatens to tip him into insanity. My original intention to … Continue reading The Creepy Captivity Shorts: an experiment with an art form

Flaws and All: Writing Complete Characters

Gone are the days of the mustache-twirling bad guys, the pious knights in shining armor, helpless damsels in distress, and evil witches. These stock characters are fun when we're developing our sense of story, but they should soon serve one purpose: modelling what a flat, undeveloped character looks like. We should have villains rife with … Continue reading Flaws and All: Writing Complete Characters