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Assassin’s Arrangement (01 Aug 2017)

“There was absolutely nothing remarkable about Miss White at all, and that is exactly why the assassin chose her.”

When Thorne meets Miss White, he thinks very little of her beyond that she makes a convenient distraction – and Thorne is all about convenient distractions; He is the best assassin in town. When he learns he has unwittingly and indirectly put Miss White’s life in danger, he does what he does best: Uses it to his advantage. He will resolve the threat against Miss White if she assists him with a particularly challenging mark. But each brief, unremarkable encounter with Miss White bonds Thorne a bit stronger every time.


Two Guns (RUN RABBIT RUN book 2) (20 Nov 2017)

The concurrent follow-up to COLOSSUS.

FBI Special Agents Steyer and Remington are called to Atlanta in the middle of Agent Steyer’s retirement banquet to possibly wrap up the one case they could not solve: The Phoenix Murders of 1993, 1997, and 2002. Despite several competing theories of what may have happened to four missing suburban students, Steyer and Remington can feel the Phoenix Killer looming… and everyone involved in the investigation is in danger.

The Phoenix, currently known as Avery Rhodes, loves thrills. That is what Sabbatical is all about. When he is not entertaining himself with–or wrangling–his four hostages, he is investigating the investigators, lay red herrings, and meddle with the families. As the month passes and their time dwindles, the Phoenix grows more reckless, more unstable, and more dangerous to others and himself.


Assassin’s Accomplice (December 2017)

Assassin’s Arrangement, as told by the surprisingly extraordinary Miss White.