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Two Guns (RUN RABBIT RUN book 2) (20 Nov 2017)

The concurrent sequel to COLOSSUS. You can pre-order it HERE.

Four high-school seniors go missing days before their graduation. Wishing otherwise, local law enforcement notices eerie similarities between these disappearances and others from four years ago… and six years before that… and three years before that.
Agents Steyer and Remington of the FBI’s Violent Crimes division are at Steyer’s retirement banquet when they receive news the Phoenix Killer may have returned, this time in a small Atlanta suburb. Despite conflicting theories, the deeper they dig into the case, the more they feel the Phoenix’s presence looming over them. And everyone involved in the investigation is in danger.
The Phoenix, currently known as Avery Rhodes, loves thrilling distractions. That is what Sabbatical is all about. When he is not entertaining himself with–or wrangling–his four hostages, he is investigating the investigators, laying red herrings, and meddling with the families. As the month passes and their time dwindles, the Phoenix grows more reckless, more unstable, and more dangerous to others… and himself.


Creepy Captivity Shorts:

A nameless serial killer details his captives’ quirks and short-comings.

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Nails (29 August)

Discover what could make a psychopath go mad.

Housebreaking (26 Sept)

Tutorial on the care and feeding of your captives if they are being resistant.

Tears (24 Oct)

Crying captives aren’t maddening… but they are pretty irritating.


Assassin’s Accomplice (December 2017)

Assassin’s Arrangement, as told by the surprisingly extraordinary Miss White.