Serial Narrative: Dad Wolf

Hank and Amber Noel are madly in love. They have two healthy, intelligent children. But their lives are far from ordinary: Hank only sees his family two days a month, spending the rest of the time away “for work.” He cherishes those precious hours in relative peace, until one night an unexpected visitor unravels Hank’s loosely-woven secret and puts everyone he cares for in danger.cover-image




Dad Wolf is a serial narrative, currently being posted on Wattpad. I will also be posting it here, for those who do not wish to sign up for a Wattpad account (although I do recommend it). The advantage of visiting the story on Wattpad is that you can leave comments on specific parts of the narrative, rather than just at the end, and you can “vote” for it, which promotes the story to more readers.



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