Editing Services

edit02I am now offering editing services:

Developmental editing: I focus on the story features. In addition to basic proofreading, I will suggest ways in which the writer can improve their voice, plot, characters, setting, and atmosphere. I will also point out any plot holes or logical errors, and suggest ways to work around them. 10 days and $500 per 50k words, with an additional day and $25 per 10k words over 50k.

Copy editing: I search for typos, misspelled/misused words, grammatical and mechanical errors, as well as awkward or confusing sentence structures. 15 days and $650 per 50k words, with an additional day and $30 per 10k words over 50k.

Another Pair of Eyes: Very basic run-through of shorter works (fewer than 5k words) or excerpts for a second opinion and correcting errors/typos. 24-hour turnover (if you send it to me at 10am, I will have it back to you by 10am the next morning). $25 flat rate. Faster responses can be negotiated.


Length of manuscript is based upon standard margins in MS Word, 12-pt. font, Times New Roman, double-spaced (one page is usually about 400 words). “Days” is based upon business days, M-F.

If interested or if you have any questions, please tweet @JettimusMaximus, or email me at jetterfly@gmail.com.



I don’t want to tell you about Jette Harris because I want to keep her to myself. She is tons of fun to work with and has an eye for all things edit-y, like plot holes, character development and continuity. Jette’s advice really helps enhance a writer’s voice. She understands very quickly what it is you and your ‘darlings’ are trying to say. In reviewing my manuscript, Jette pointed out anything that sounded out of character for the voice of my protagonist, offering possible suggestions. As well, Jette’s grammar advice is supreme. I don’t always get along with the comma, but with Jette’s guidance, the comma and I have become better friends. It’s a privilege having her as my editor.

— L. M. Bryski, Book of Birds


Jette not only did an excellent job editing my manuscript, she did it with so much enthusiasm she convinced me to expand it from a novella to a full series.  Her line edit hit all the bad points, but managed to be encouraging at the same time, and she found several plot holes that I had completely missed.  Better yet, she’s tons of fun to work with!

–Michael Gunter, Thundercrest