Editing Services


Repeat clients get 25% off all services.
A service contract may be drawn up upon request.

Editing Services


***Currently not accepting submissions***


I am now offering editing and formatting services. All prices and turnover times are negotiable (within reason).

Please never send a first draft to any editor.


Developmental editing

Also known as content editing, developmental edited focuses on the story features. Does the plot make sense? Are the characters consistent and developed? Does the story begin with a hook and reach a logical ending, and does each chapter flow? In addition to establishing all of these questions are answered with a positive, I will suggest ways in which the writer can improve their voice, plot, characters, setting, and atmosphere. I will also point out any plot holes or logical errors, and suggest ways to work around them.

Pricing: $0.010/word

Duration: 10 days/50k words, with an additional day per additional 10k words


Copy editing

Also known as line editing, copy editing focuses on the “readability” of a story, how the words flow together and make sense. I search for typos, grammatical errors, mechanical errors, as well as awkward or confusing sentence structures.

Pricing: $0.013/word

Duration: 20 days/50k words, with an additional day per additional 5k words


Another Pair of Eyes

Very basic run-through of shorter works (fewer than 5k words) or excerpts for a second opinion and correcting errors/typos. Perfect for short stories, resumes, and cover letters.

Pricing: $25 flat rate

Duration: 24-hours (if you send it to me at 10am, I will have it back to you by 10am the next morning). A quicker turnover time may be negotiated.


Formatting Services

I can turn your manuscript into an eBook and/or paperback! In addition to the formatting, I will walk you through the process of uploading your files to Amazon.

eBook formatting is free and paperback formatting is 50% off if I edited the manuscript.

eBook formatting

I will adjust the spacing, paragraphs, and font size optimal for reading on a Kindle or other eReader. This includes cover page, chapter headers, story, as well as front and back material (if any). Once formatting is complete, I will send you a .doc, an .ePub, and a .mobi file.

Does NOT include: specific fonts, images, or flourishes.

DOES include: three free formatting revisions (includes post-publication updates)


poetry: $1/page

1 – 17,500 words: $25

17,501 – 50,000 words: $50

50,001 words and up: $75


poetry: 3 days

1-50,000 words: 3-7 days

50,001 words and up: 10-15 days


Paperback formatting

Paperback formatting allows for full customization, including specific fonts, font size, paragraph formatting, line spacing, images, and flourishes.

Includes three free revisions (including post-publication updates).


poetry: $2/page

1 – 17,500 words: $50

17,501 – 50,000 words: $75

50,001 words and up: $100

Special fonts or stock images will cost price of piece+10%.
I prefer to use fontbundles.net/


poetry: 3 days

1-50,000 words: 3-7 days

50,001 words and up: 10-15 days

Please ensure any images provided are over 300 DPI. I am not responsible if a client-provided font or image appears grainy.



Are you ready to complete and publish that story, but just need someone to hold your hand through the process? I’ve been that someone for many of my friends, and I would like to offer that process to others.

This service includes:

  • motivation (wordsprints, kicking ideas around)
  • story development (character development, avoiding plot holes, detail accuracy)
  • juggling feedback (help you determine the validity of beta reader feedback)
  • developmental edits
  • assistance with revisions
  • lots of revisions
  • copy editing
  • writing a query (if applicable)
  • Revise/Rewite and resubmit (if applicable)
  • eBook and paperback formatting
  • composing a cover description
  • posting to Amazon
  • creating Amazon ads
  • tracking Amazon sales

This service does NOT include:

  • beta reading
  • cover creation
  • 24/7 assistance

If you choose to query, my services would end upon an agent selling your book.

Pricing: Due to the extended duration and increased interaction required for this service, pricing will be decided after discussing the premise and scope of the work. We may also draw up a tentative schedule, although a writing and/or revising schedule would not be strictly enforced.

For example: a project that may end up 50-70,000 words could take eight to twelve months to see through to publication, and would cost about $1500.

As stated at the top, prices are negotiable. Payment plans are fine.


Note on Pricing
All prices are USD, and all payments are made via PayPal to jetterfly[at]gmail[dot]com

Note on Duration 
“Days” is based upon business days, M-F.
Only Another Pair of Eyes ensures weekend access.

If interested or if you have any questions, please email jetterfly[at]gmail[dot]com.



I don’t want to tell you about Jette Harris because I want to keep her to myself. She is tons of fun to work with and has an eye for all things edit-y, like plot holes, character development and continuity. Jette’s advice really helps enhance a writer’s voice. She understands very quickly what it is you and your ‘darlings’ are trying to say. In reviewing my manuscript, Jette pointed out anything that sounded out of character for the voice of my protagonist, offering possible suggestions. As well, Jette’s grammar advice is supreme. I don’t always get along with the comma, but with Jette’s guidance, the comma and I have become better friends. It’s a privilege having her as my editor.

— L. M. Bryski, Book of Birds


Jette not only did an excellent job editing my manuscript, she did it with so much enthusiasm she convinced me to expand it from a novella to a full series.  Her line edit hit all the bad points, but managed to be encouraging at the same time, and she found several plot holes that I had completely missed.  Better yet, she’s tons of fun to work with!

–Michael Gunter, Thundercrest

At first, I wasn’t quite sure how to take Jette. She is bolder than most editors and stubborn as a horse. I had been used to other editors, bowing down to my demands and requests. But not Jette. And I’ll tell you why: She is honest and to the point. She’s not going to tell you, your story is good, if it sucks. She has integrity and pride in what she does and takes it seriously. She treats your story as her own and is not afraid to say, “I would cut.” Yep, every author’s nightmare is to have to cut parts of a story you have put your hard work and sweat into. But isn’t that why we hire an editor? To show us how our story can be better, to tell us all the things we don’t want to hear? Let’s face it, not one author truly will admit that just maybe, their story is lacking or too wordy. We look at each of our stories as perfection. But they’re not. Jette can be described as the subconscious to your story, the voice that makes sure that your works are better than good, that your talent is used to its best ability. That your characters are real and believable, that the plot flows and is engaging throughout. Jette is the editor every author needs, the one who is not afraid to plunge in and make your story the best ever written.

— J. Kahele, Pierson (The Meager Boys’ Story, book 1)


I had the pleasure of working with Jette Harris on the formatting of my first book a few months ago. In short, she was a life saver at the time and offered her services when I was in desperate need due to shortcomings with the formatter I had at the time. Jette is extremely competent, professional, insightful and patient. She is easy to communicate with, a hard worker and always available to discuss the project and fix any issues. Additionally, her rates her very reasonable and she is flexible. I am planning to use her services in the future for all of my books and highly recommend her.

–Karen Lynn, A War of Hearts

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