Scene 1

JACOB, a tall, dark, attractive yet crazy-eyed man, throws open the door to a corporate office and stands in the doorway melodramatically. He is wearing a blazer, a button-up, and a mad smile that never goes away.


I’ve been called to help you make your decision.

DR. JEREMY SEKEL, a young, well-groomed entrepreneur, looks up from the manila folder in his hands and glances over Jacob, unphased by the erratic behavior. Jacob steps inside and swings the door shut behind him. Sekel tosses the folder onto his cluttered desk as he spins his chair around. He presses a button on his phone.


Linda, have an orderly toss Jacob’s room for a phone.

Jacob’s smile twitches as he realizes his mistake.


Perhaps I should have said “summoned.”


(on phone)

Right away, Dr. Sekel.

Sekel leans back in his chair and laces his fingers together.


How did you get in here?


How is not impor–




Doors open for me.

Sekel leans forward and presses the button again


Send an orderly to my office as well.

(to Jacob)

Did you get your hands on a glove? Is that it?

Jacob raises his hands and shows Sekel both sides. Sekel sighs with exasperation.


OK, what decision are you here to help me make?


(furrowing brow)

The one you’re trying to make.

Sekel spreads his arms over his desk. It is cluttered with papers, pamphlets, folders, and dossiers. Jacob raises his hand, index finger extended, and crosses the room slowly. He places his finger on a seemingly-random folder at the top of a large stack.


This is what you are looking for.


That’s the reject pile.


You should reconsider, then.

Sekel picks up the folder and flips it open. He skims the contents.


Why this one?


Because it’s the right one.

Sekel glances back over the contents. There is a KNOCK on the door and two orderlies, SEAN and JUVAL, walk in. They are wearing navy scrubs and each has a sky-blue glove on their left hand.


Search him for a glove.


(to Jacob)

Where you finna get a glove?

Juval shakes his head amicably and turns Jacob around. He searches Jacob’s upper body as Sean searches his lower. They are thorough, as if the concept of personal boundaries did not exist. Jacob continues to smile as if he enjoys the contact.

While Jacob’s back is turned, Sekel pulls three other folders from another, much smaller pile, and opens his drawer to remove two more. He shuffles them and spreads them across the desk.

Sean uses two fingers to search around the band of Jacob’s trousers and briefs, going deep. He straightens and turns Jacob back around.


No glove or any other contraband, unless you’d like us to do a cavity search.

Jacob wiggles his eyebrows as if he would enjoy that very much. Juval smirks and shakes his head.


No, that will be all. Wait by the door so you can escort him out when he’s done here.

Sean and Juval hesitate for a “please” or “thank you,” but not very long. They step outside. Sekel leans his elbows on his desk and spreads his hands over the identical folders, inviting Jacob to choose again. With an exasperated expression, and without hesitation, he chooses one toward the middle. Sekel picks it up and flips it open. He nods, impressed.


(pointing to two other folders)

Those are empty.


Don’t get them mixed up; You’ll need them.

Sekel tosses the folder back onto his desk.


I will… take your selection into consideration.



It’s the right choice.


We’ll see. Now – Get out of my office. If you ever barge in here unannounced again, I’ll send you back.


(backing toward the door, shaking his head)

No, you won’t.

As soon as the door closes on Jacob, Sekel glances at the folder and flips it open. It contains a description of a private security team, CONsent, LLC., and a photo of a diverse group of tough-looking men and women in navy police-like uniforms.

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