Scene 6


Jacob sits on his couch, head back, eyes closed. He appears to be asleep. Someone is SCREAMING and YELLING alone OS. There is BANGING against a wall OS.


Shut up, you psycho!

The screaming voice fades into SOBBING. A moment of silence passes. Jacob’s eyes snap open. He exhales slowly and raises his head. The sound of AIR BRAKES OS float in through an open window. Jacob stands slowly and crosses to the window to peer through the curtain.

The street outside looks peaceful and clean. The bus is parked on the curb. LINDA, Sekel’s personal assistant, is standing by the open doorway with a clipboard. Jacob closes his eyes and sighs, both anxious and relieved.

He opens his eyes to watch as Michelle steps off the bus with her cat carrier in hand. Linda looks at the carrier surprised, wearing a big, fake smile. Jacob leans his forehead against the window with a strange smile.

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