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COLOSSUS (Nov 2015) — Note: My Name Is Not Heather Stokes will soon be re-titled RUN RABBIT RUN

Abducted and held captive, four high school seniors are forced to entertain the malicious appetites of an unpredictable predator. He calls himself Rhodes. They call him Colossus, the looming, threatening figure teetering on the edge of madness.

Heather Stokes, no stranger to tragedy, does all she can to protect her friends, risking her life and sanity. As days of torture drag into weeks of Hell, both Heather and Rhodes realize that they are in over their heads, and it is possible that none of them will survive.

COLOSSUS is a brutal psychological thriller that will have fans of Gillian Flynn and James Patterson adding a new name to their list.

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Drunk Monkey‘s Gabriel Ricard

K. J. Chapman


Flint Ranch

Phoenix Rising—FLINT RANCH (April 2016)

Before the infamous serial killer known as the Phoenix, there was a child named Thatch.

Witness the trauma that began the transformation from the child into the man.




Phoenix Rising—Salvage (Aug 2016)

Fifteen-year-old Thatch is now free of the horrors of Flint Ranch, sent away by a mother who can’t stand the sight of him, to live with a father he’s never met. Rejected and traumatized, he must learn to navigate city life, a new school, and the father-son relationship he had never before dared to dream of.


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Angela D’Onofrio


Assassin’s Arrangement (Aug 2017)


“There was absolutely nothing remarkable about Miss White at all, and that is exactly why the assassin chose her.”

When Thorne meets Miss White, he thinks very little of her beyond that she makes a convenient distraction – and Thorne is all about convenient distractions; He is the best assassin in town. When he learns he has unwittingly and indirectly put Miss White’s life in danger, he does what he does best: Uses it to his advantage. He will resolve the threat against Miss White if she assists him with a particularly challenging mark. But each brief, unremarkable encounter with Miss White bonds Thorne a bit stronger every time.



I also have works-in-progress and short stories posted for free on my Wattpad:

In the Cuckoo's Nest

In the Cuckoo’s Nest (a serial teleplay)

After a run of irritating and less-than-glorious gigs, security team CONsent, LLC is hired by the young entrepreneur Jeremy Sekel to act as private police for a private community called Hattersville. The catch? The citizens of Hattersville are either employees for a pharmaceutical company that develops highly-experimental drugs, or the criminally-insane patients who volunteered to test them in exchange for an environment that resembles freedom.

The team, led by Michelle Vespira, learns they need to do more than just protect the employees from the patients, and the patients from each other and themselves: they also need to catch drug smugglers, prevent corporate espionage, intercept serial-killer groupies… oh, and convince some of the patients they do not have divine powers.

Described as Fox’s LUCIFER meets SyFy’s EUREKA.


Dad Wolf

Hank and Amber Noel are madly in love. They have two healthy, intelligent children. But their lives are far from ordinary: Hank only sees his family two days a month, spending the rest of the time away “for work.” He cherishes those precious hours in relative peace, until one night an unexpected visitor unravels Hank’s loosely-woven secret and puts everyone he cares for in danger.


Singing Taylor Swift in the Snow Cover

Singing in the Snow

A short story inspired by a nightmare. A woman finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time.