The COLOSSUS Relaunch

I've mentioned a few times that I was preparing to re-launch my first novel, COLOSSUS. But what does that mean? I recently started reading some books on writing and marketing, and one of those is Chris Fox's Relaunch Your Novel. It's about breathing life into your older novels and determining the best methods for doing so … Continue reading The COLOSSUS Relaunch


Healthy Ways for Writers to Procrastinate

First off, I am not encouraging my fellow writers to procrastinate... Y'all don't need encouragement as much as y'all need a pep talk. However, writers procrastinate for reasons, and sometimes it's important to indulge. These reasons include: anxiety not knowing the next step sub-optimal writing environment not loving your WIP discouragement heavy material If you find yourself … Continue reading Healthy Ways for Writers to Procrastinate

Sample: RUDE

“I’m forgetting something,” Geoffrey Royce said. “Something important.” He leaned forward in his seat and began to shuffle the papers on his desk. His make-up girl, Arnessa, chased him to continue dabbing at his deepening crow’s feet. “Cue cards?” she suggested. “No, nothing like that…” Royce held up the cue cards and dropped them again. … Continue reading Sample: RUDE