Sample: Two Guns (Run Rabbit Run book 2)

Two Guns (Run Rabbit Run book 2) Coming November 20th Dr. Creighton’s classroom was through the cafeteria, down a hall, through an outdoor corridor, and in an entirely separate building from the rest of the school. The acrid smell of chemicals and smoke indicated that building was strictly used for the science classes. The classroom … Continue reading Sample: Two Guns (Run Rabbit Run book 2)


How Long Should My Novel Be?

A question I see commonly from fledgling writers in groups and forums is "How long should my [WIP] be?" with [WIP] being a novel, short story, or something in between, or an amorphous piece that is still in development. Although there are established lengths factoring genre and target audience, these are really only loose guidelines, … Continue reading How Long Should My Novel Be?

What Readers Want MORE Of…

I posed a question to writers and readers on Twitter, Facebook, and in real life: As a reader, what plots/characters/themes/tropes would you like to see MORE of? I got some really cool responses! The most common replies were overwhelmingly: better representation for LGBQT characters fewer coming out stories non-tragic characters less romantic plot lines more … Continue reading What Readers Want MORE Of…