Potential Projects

I have a long list of projects just waiting to be worked on. If you’re interested in any of them, please let me know! I just might put them on my drafting schedule…

(these are not listed in any particular order)

  • Captive Correspondent
    • The story occurring outside the world of the Creepy Captivity Shorts. A reporter received photographs and clothing from the victims of a serial killer, triggering an investigation that reunites her with a man from her past, who notices she and the victims look surprisingly alike.
  • A Decision to Make
    • Keegan, a detective, and Thom, a crime scene investigator, live in an open relationship with their roommate, Bree. When she disappears without a trace, they are banned from participating in the investigation. But when she re-appears, broken and violated in the worst ways imaginable, they consider taking justice into their own hands.
  • The Cuckoo’s Nest
    • A private security team is hired to act as a police force for an isolated community comprised of criminally-insane patients on experimental psychotropic drugs and the staff of the pharmaceutical company that produces the drugs. Among a spate of suspicious deaths, one patient appears to be more than he seems.
  • The Follower
    • A copycat murder reunites the team of FBI agents who captured a serial killer after a bitter fall-out. They must prove the murder is a copycat or the true killer could go free.
  • The Ghostwriter
    • A victim of domestic violence and once-celebrated writer returns quietly by offering services as a ghostwriter for a seemingly-homely doctor who wishes to release a memoir. She soon discovers he is hiding a sinister secret he only wishes to share through her.
  •   FutureCon
    • A futuristic AI hotel is hosting a technology convention. When the hotel begins to act strangely and people begin to die, the hotel and it’s lead programmer are eyes as suspects.
  • The Wrong Side of History
    • A reality TV show featuring historians, historical writers, reenactors, and character actors becomes the playground for a killer looking to eliminate each contestant using the various challenges features in the show.
  • Rabbit on the Run (Run Rabbit Run 4)
    • Lauren is a hooker and a drug addict, fighting to forget her past in any way possible. When a well-spoken stranger calling her another name begins stalking her, she is desperate to escape, but afraid to face the reality that comes with rescue.
  • Phoenix Rising 3
    • Just as Thatch believes his life is coming back together, it begins to crumble as he loses his loved ones one-by-one. Desperate, he signs his life away in order to survive.
  • Open Letters
    • A home nurse narrowly misses being murdered by a “mercy killer,” who later becomes obsessed with her. He writes her open letters to the newspaper. Down on the luck, she accepts the newspaper’s offer of money for a correspondence. She works closely with a detective to try to use her letters to bait him.
  • Carlsbad Horror Story
    • A group of vandalizing teens hides out in Carlsbad Caverns. While they are exploring a new section of the cavers, they encounter someone or something that means them harm.